the unsavable dog

He does not exist.

We have saved hundreds. It is even our main specialty.

Though we do prefer training puppies, before problems arise. Prior condemning a dog to euthanasia because he is “wicked”, when, in reality, he has only learnt to protect himself from humans or other dogs, read these authentic testimonies :


We have not forgotten this day of march 1994, when we came to you with our 4 years old colley we just adopted in a shelter. Walks were like hell, with a ferocious beast on the end of the leash. 

In just a little more than one day, we assisted to the metemorphosis of Pacha. Since then, your method is for us the company of a precious help.

Our dog no longer sees a mortal enemy in any other dog or person passing by. He is now able of conviviality. He crosses cats and farm animals paths without a special emotion, and has even made himself friends with horses. 

From an adoption that was going to become a drama, your remarkable work and perfect knowledge of psychology have given us all a successful life. We want here to express to you our deep admiration and our infinite reckoning. Annie Invernici, Paris


By the beginning of august, 1998, I gave to you my pretty little Yorkshire’s future, after I exhausted all resources of my patience, and the patience of friends and family. Two years old by the time, Molière was unanimouly rejected because of his unsociability and his aggressiveness.

He was crazy in the house, unbearable in the car, and, most of all, dangerous. He was attacking and biting all the time. I want to forget the multiple fake advice of these vets I have often met, who even suggested a trepanation before they concluded the dog was unsavable.

They never mentioned dog-training, judging the dog was too old. 2 years old! Even though I was seeing for him no correct future, I could neither abandon nor, more, spaying him… a solution the so-called “professionals” strongly suggested.

I turned to you as a last resort, without really believing in the success of your method.

I was seriously wrong because your intervention has totally transformed my little dog. For my relatives, who did not follow your education sessions, the result is even a miracle. Especially since the upheaval in behavior appeared after a short day of work.

As for me, I had to trash ALL previous dog education principles, all my habits and a good number of ideas spread out by dog owners (and dog-magazines). And I have understood what “tenderness dog training’ meant!  

Since then Molière has discovered a never known serenity. He obeys, stays quiet and he is happy, because I can now make him share our family’s life.   

Without you I would have developed a disgust from dogs, and my life with Molière would have turned into a real hell. Of course, everything is not perfect, and I think a little “focusing” will be soon helpful, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the outstanding work you are doing for dogs and their owners.Evelyne Guitard, Viroflay


I was deeply misbehaving. I was four. As soon as I saw a dog, I felt like murdering it. I wickedly bit dozens. I was like an anticanine missile. My mom visited several dog training clubs.

Her concern was clear : sociabilize her dog, yes, but beat her, NEVER. Club dog coaches all answered it was necessary to break me.

Then, one day, we both went to a professional dog trainer. As I stepped down the car, he ordered to drop the leash, so that he could grab it. He deeply and quickly studied my behavior, made me walk by him, God he was tall, I had never met such a tall ‘two-legs” before. Then he asked my mom to take me back to the car.

I was far from realizing how I was to work. This “two-legs” has re-taught me everything and also everything to my mom. During two days, I gave the most I was able to, and I stepped out of there quiet, level and proud.

I received lots of praise during my school time. I have never been beaten. I even made friends and an adopted godfather.

This man who saved me from delinquency, it’s Mister Michel Hasbrouck. My personal godfather. He also made me know tracking, owner protection and agility. Hiffa, Houdan


Do you remember my Saint Bernard Harold? He was three years old, dangerous with all visitors, and you had come home for two days in 1998 to re-educate him?

You remember my first scared walk, without you, through the port of Collioure ? The first evening! I could not realize the leash was loose…

Thanks to you, Harold had become a wonderful dog, docile and above all very obedient, unfortunately of very fragile health.

I could take him to town, to the lake and receive at home without the slightest problem despite his hyperprotective side. I haven’t needed his shellclip muzzle for a very long time.

His departure created a great void, when you have a sick animal throughout your life, it forges even stronger bonds, but that’s life. Danièle Waltz, Céret